An overview of working on campus

As the rules and Government guidance to limit the spread of COVID-19 change, many of us have returned to work on campus as necessary whilst some have continued to work from home.

Some buildings have remained operational during the initial lockdown to allow the University to conduct COVID-19 research. In addition to these buildings, we opened other key buildings on campus, following principles in line with Government advice to allow some work to recommence that cannot be conducted at home. Buildings have begun to open on a controlled phased basis according to the University priorities, although some of the buildings will remain closed for some time.

This document provides guidance and information regarding the measures the University has put in place to ensure the health safety and welfare of our staff, our students and anyone that they may come in contact with. This guidance is likely to change in response to further government advice and the progress of COVID-19, so please ensure you regularly check the COVID-19 pages of our intranet site for the latest available information. For those of you who want a more detailed view of your obligations, the formal policy document ‘UHSP 42: Working Safely during COVID-19 (log-in required)’ is available on the Health and Safety Services Web Pages.

General advice to minimise risk associated with COVID-19 is as follows:

  • Where colleagues can work from home, you should be supported and encouraged to do so.
  • Colleagues must maintain social distancing, including when greeting others, and this includes avoiding shaking hands.
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Coughs and sneezes should be covered with a tissue and disposed of immediately (into your elbow if no tissue) followed by the washing of hands.
  • Vulnerable workers should be supported in working from home and only return to work following a suitable assessment.
  • If you begin to display symptoms, of COVID-19 whilst you are at work, please think both of your own and colleagues health and safety. Go home, and inform your line manager. Stay at home and follow Government guidance regarding self-isolation and do not return to campus until your period of self-isolation is complete.

You should also not come to work if a member of your family in the same household is symptomatic. Again follow Government guidance regarding self-isolation. Naturally, if you are feeling unwell before setting out – stay at home.