Other non-teaching face-to-face contact including 1-2-1s, personal tutor meetings etc.

All campus buildings will be constrained in terms of their COVID-secure maximum capacity, and the priorities for building use are delivering our teaching and research obligations and providing social study space for students. There will be some rooms available for staff to book for 1-2-1 meetings with students but they will be limited and demand is likely to be higher than capacity. Staff are encouraged to conduct all such meetings with students remotely. However there will be eventualities where remote contact is either not possible or not ideal, including but not limited to:

  • New student initial meetings with personal tutors
  • Students unable to access remote/connection and require a meeting
  • Students in distress
  • Residents of accommodation
  • Students with impairments or conditions that mean they are unable to participate in online meetings
  • Accidents and first aid provision
  • Security incidents.

Where it is not possible for such meetings to be held remotely, the following steps must be followed:

  • Limiting the number of students at any one time – the size of group must be determined by size of room, ensuring social distancing can be maintained. Face coverings must be worn, and are currently mandatory in all University buildings. Meetings must maintain social distancing between participants.
  • Limiting appointments/meetings to a specific time window and restricting access to required students only.
  • Meetings must be scheduled to avoid overlap of those arriving and leaving by providing appropriate time slots to individual students.
  • Maintaining a local record of all attendees.
  • Participants must use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the premises/room.
  • Remove all shared equipment – participants must be informed to bring their own stationery supplies. One person only to take sign-in details to avoid a sign in paper / pen being passed around.
  • In order to achieve this, students will have to book appointments to ensure there is staff availability, suitable room availability and to ensure record keeping of interactions.
  • Students must be told to arrive on time and leave promptly, dispersing immediately and maintaining social distancing.
  • Staff to have collected/receive a teaching pack to include large hand sanitiser, large pack of sanitiser wipes, disposable gloves, face covering
  • Drop-in sessions should be avoided and students asked to book in advance. Where this is unavoidable, ensure waiting spaces are marked at socially distanced intervals.
  • Under-18 status of the student must be clarified prior to any meeting taking place. The member of staff must have either a current DBS check or be accompanied by someone who does.

Where appointments must take place the following must be adhered to:

  • Students must be given clear instructions to stay away if they have symptoms, have tested positive for coronavirus or have been asked to self-isolate due to being in contact with someone with symptoms or who has tested positive.
  • Only scheduled participants should physically attend meetings and should maintain separation throughout, as per government guidelines. Face coverings are currently mandatory in all University buildings. Social distancing must be maintained between people at all times. Where students are entitled to bring a supporter to the meeting and may not have declared this in advance, staff should seek guidance from Student Support Services.
  • All equipment should be brought by participants and none shared.
  • Staff should ensure that they have received a teaching pack (to include hand sanitiser, pack of sanitiser wipes, disposable gloves, face covering).
  • Meetings should be held in well-ventilated rooms; if weather and appropriate space allows, it may be suitable to hold some meetings outside
  • Waiting should be avoided, with participants told to arrive on time and follow instructions for entry and exit. Extra time may need to be allowed to ensure that students can enter whilst maintaining social distance.
  • Any safeguarding, health or wellbeing concerns to be reported to concerned@le.ac.uk or via welfare on 0116 223 1185.
  • Staff must ensure that University incident and emergency procedures are followed.

Concerns regarding students

You can raise any concerns you have about students by emailing concerned@leicester.ac.uk.