General principles for safe teaching

The University’s primary aim is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students, acting in accordance with UK government guidelines for the control of COVID-19 and any social distancing measures in force. All members of the University community have a responsibility to abide by the guidelines and to act in ways that protect themselves and others, and to help and encourage each other to do the same. The University will seek to maintain a safe, COVID-secure campus through mutual cooperation and shared responsibility.

Health and Safety Services have conducted risk assessments in each building to ensure they are COVID-secure and have reviewed individual teaching rooms and other spaces. All spaces will have a defined set of local rules for use which will be displayed in the room (e.g. ‘all windows must remain open’ or a specified capacity) and these must be followed at all times. As a result of the work to make buildings COVID-secure and teaching spaces safe, signage has been fitted. Some of these signs are general in nature but others provide specific instruction crucial to your safety and these must be followed at all times.

All staff working on campus must have completed the e-learning package Returning to Work on Campus and the Staff Return to Work Checklist (PDF, 48kb) prior to starting back.