Face coverings for teaching

Face coverings (non-surgical face masks, scarves etc.) may help protect other people from contracting the virus but tend not to help protect the wearer, and they do not replace the need for good hand and respiratory hygiene and social distancing. Face coverings are currently mandatory inside all University buildings and you are also advised to wear them in outside spaces on University property.

When applying or removing the covering, it is important that you wash your hands first and afterwards and avoid touching your face. After each use, you must wash reusable face coverings at 60 degrees centigrade. For single use face-coverings, these should be disposed of safely in a bin.

Students should wear face coverings during face-to-face teaching. Students whose personal circumstances prevent them from wearing a face covering have been advised to complete this online form if they are willing to do so in order that the University can be aware of the likely number of students in face-to-face teaching who will not be wearing face coverings. Where possible, other measures will be explored to enable these students to attend without increasing risks to others present. After completing the online form the student may be contacted by a member of Student Support Services staff to discuss support. Please be mindful that reasons for students not wearing face coverings may not be obvious and students may not be inclined to discuss this with staff. Staff should be sensitive in communicating with students, and also mindful of how you communicate when wearing a face covering yourself, as speech can be muffled and non-verbal communication less effective.

Teaching staff should wear a visor when delivering in-person face-to-face teaching, for accessibility and audibility reasons. If their personal circumstances prevent them from doing so, an individual risk assessment will be required. Guidance on risk assessments is available on the Resource Hub. Visors will be made available for all teaching staff.