Teaching spaces aide-memoire

Please ensure you have read and understood the face to face teaching guidelines document.

  • Please remind students that if they are feeling unwell or displaying signs of having COVID-19 to stay away from campus.
  • Please ensure you do not exceed the stated capacity of the teaching space shown above.
  • Please do not change the layout of the building/room, or add additional desks or seating. Please check to ensure it matches the layout plan.
  • In the case that your teaching space is naturally ventilated, please ensure the windows remain open at all times.
  • In the case that your teaching space has ventilation controls within the room, please ensure the ventilation is operational. Where also fitted with opening windows, please ensure these are also open at all times.
  • Ensure students are aware of the importance of ventilation in teaching spaces and ensure you/they are attired accordingly for this and future sessions.
  • Please ensure face coverings are being worn in line with University protocols.
  • Please remind students to enter and vacate the teaching space so as to respect social distancing guidelines.
  • Start and finish times are critical to allow room clearing and an orderly exit. Please adhere to them.
  • Where possible, please be mindful of other building users and work with others to ensure students leave the building immediately in a controlled manner, observing social distancing guidelines.
  • Where possible, incorporate flexibility in start and finish times to minimise queuing and congestion in corridors toilets and communal areas.
  • Ensure you (and remind) your students to follow directional and instructional signage displayed in the building and teaching space.
  • Remind building users of the need for personal hygiene at all times – and to use the hand sanitisers available in the building. Please report no or low supplies to the EDS helpdesk (0116 2522319).
  • Please ensure you adequately clean down surfaces and frequently touched items before and after each timetabled session and leave the room in the manner in which you would expect to find it.
  • Please avoid sharing resources (pens pencils text books) etc.