PGR induction and supervision arrangements - 2020/2021

Guidance for Heads of School/Department, College PGR Directors, School/Department PG Tutors and Supervisors

Induction arrangements

The following arrangements should be in place for PGR induction:

  1. The Doctoral College welcome and main research student induction will be virtual and is scheduled for Monday afternoon, 22 February
  2. Full recordings of the October induction and further resources are available on Blackboard (log-in required)
  3. College level inductions will be virtual and are scheduled to follow on from the DC welcome on 22 February; these will be run by College PGR Directors.
  4. School/Department inductions can be face-to-face but a virtual option must also be available for those unable to attend. As usual, these inductions should be organised by PGR Tutors.

Supervision meetings and on-campus study

  1. The University position on face-to-face meetings between PGR students and their supervisors will be determined by the COVID oversight group on the basis of prevailing conditions and will be communicated as part of the current operating level under the Strategic Response Framework.
  2. Lack of in-person face-to-face supervision for campus based returners and new students is detrimental to the student experience. Face-to-face supervision is particularly key for non-laboratory based students (mostly in CSSAH) where there is little other provision for on-campus study.
  3. At times when this is permitted, individual supervision meetings should be face-to-face for all students where possible and, where this is not possible (taking into account shielding on the part of either student or supervisor), should be virtual. ALL full-time students must meet their supervisor once per month and ALL part-time students meet every two months. It is the responsibility of the PGR to take the lead in arranging supervision meetings but the Supervisor should ensure that these meetings are face-to-face where possible.
  4. As determined by need, Colleges/Schools/Departments, should make space available to facilitate face-to-face supervision meetings and on-campus study. Where research space is not available for such meetings a bookable option should be made available. Bookable space need not be in college specific buildings.
  5. When COVID operating levels allow, small group meetings with other PGR students in disciplinary groups (such as ‘lab’ or reading groups) should be encouraged; this will be necessary across all Colleges. Space provision issues in 3. above should be borne in mind.