Research and labs

Here you will find information and guidance related to the recommencement of research and research related activities on campus.

Social distancing rules and adherence to the guidance to ensure our buildings are safe places to work, will mean that many of our laboratories and other research spaces will be limited in terms of their capacity for some time.

Initially, research activities have been prioritised which relate to:

  • Research which is essential to our financial and reputational sustainability.
  • Funded research which is coming towards an end (2-3 months) and where final results must be generated.
  • Research which fundamentally underpins the completion of academic qualifications and where a convincing case can be made that this cannot under any circumstance be further delayed.

Below is information to help you over the coming weeks and months whether you continue to work from home or are invited back to conduct your research in a University building or facility. Note that these pages will continue to be updated.