Return to campus guidance for managers

As we move to bringing more colleagues back to campus, it is important that line managers and heads of department are kept informed and understand the latest guidance from both the Government and the University.

This guidance is for on common issues and queries that may be raised by members of your team. The guidance should be read in conjunction with the FAQs and does not replace the mandatory training that all staff are required to complete.

Over the last few months, all staff have been required to adapt to a rapidly changing situation whilst still working within University health and safety requirements. This flexible approach will need to continue as plans develop, particularly if the Government issues further lockdown measures over the coming weeks or months.

It is important that all guidance from Safety Services is adhered to, and that line managers hold meaningful discussions with colleagues regarding potential ways of working. Overall, managers should consider that whilst some staff will be keen to return to the workplace as soon as possible, there may be others who will be reluctant to return for a variety of reasons. It is important that managers listen to concerns raised by members of staff, consider whether there is anything you can do to help address their concerns, and reassure them of existing health and safety measures.

Managers will need to ensure that requests for flexibility are balanced across the team to ensure that essential activity is covered. You should seek advice from your own manager or HR if you are unsure how to respond to concerns.