Flowchart for the deployment of staff

  1. A manager (known as the Receiving Manager) requiring the deployment of another member of staff into a business critical /essential worker post completes part 1 of the Deployment of Staff form and shares this with their Director of Operations or Head of Division.
  2. Director of Operations or Head of Division will explore all options within their own College or Division to identify an appropriate member for staff to be deployed, that is not self-isolating or off sick. If details of this are required please contact staffdata@le.ac.uk who can check. 
  3. If unable to identify a member of staff locally the Director of Operations or Head of Division shares the Deployment Form, with other Director of Operations and Heads of Division to ask them to identify an appropriate member of staff to be deployed from their area.
  4. An appropriate member (ie at the same grade or below with similar skill set), known as the Deployee is identified, who is not self-isolating or off sick. The part completed Deployment Form is emailed to individual’s current manager.
  5. The Deployee’s current manager discusses with them the requirement for deployment. If the role is required to work on campus and the individual is currently working from home this must be discussed with the Deployee to ensure that there are no clinical vulnerabilities that may prevent this. An Individual clinical vulnerability risk assessment for COVID-19 may need to be completed as per the guidance. Part 1a of the Deployment Form must be completed before being forwarded to the Receiving Manager.
  6. If there is a skills and competency match (even with minimal training), the current manager sends the Receiving Manager the Deployment Form for them to make contact with the Deployee.
  7. Part 2 of the Deployment Form is completed as part of the discussion with the Receiving Manager and the Deployee. The deployment is either confirmed, with agreed review dates or it is not.
  8. If the Deployee is currently working from home and is cleared to attend work on campus (see point 5) the Receiving Manager must ensure that all of the necessary training and paperwork to work on campus has been completed.
  9. A copy of the completed Deployment Form is sent by the Receiving Manager to the Deployee’s manager and a copy to HRadvice@le.ac.uk so that a copy can be held centrally