Example 3 - team member has tested positive but not been in close contact

Please use the script below to explain the process when informing a staff colleague that a team member staff has tested positive and has been on campus but they have not been in close contact with any colleagues, or were not symptomatic when on campus. 

  • Inform immediate colleagues that a colleague now has symptoms or has tested positive and will be self-isolating, but that they did not have symptoms whilst at work.  If you have consent from the member of staff who is symptomatic or positive give the staff colleague the name of the member of staff, so that you can agree with the staff colleague if close contact has occurred.
    • If you do not have consent to disclose then with the information you have regarding close contact occurring explain your rationale to the Staff Colleague
  • Advise members of staff to be vigilant for symptoms and should they develop symptoms they should follow government guidance on isolation and get a test using the NHS test and trace service.
  • Remind staff of the importance of regular hand washing/use of hand sanitisers as per NHS guidance. The online form includes a link to obtain an NHS self-isolation note; please instruct the member of staff to email the self-isolation note to you.

Follow-up email template 

Dear colleague,

I’m writing to let you know that one of our team has tested positive for COVID-19 or were symptomatic when on campus.

We do not believe the member of staff had close contact with you as defined by Government, so any interaction would not be considered sufficient for you to be contacted by NHS test and trace.

Whilst the risk is low, we want to make you aware and urge you to remain vigilant:

It would be understandable that this news might be worrying to you. If you would like to talk to someone, our employee support service Validium is available to help. You can contact Validium on 0800 358 45 68.

Please note that students who may have been in contact with the member of staff have been contacted separately.

Best wishes,